Grillz is a stance.

A philosophy that shows the courage to reflect your own style exactly as it is.

The story begins with the jewels on the teeth. The journey continues on with the delicate embroidery of the jewels individually tailor crafted to fit your personality. When Grillz gets bejeweled on your teeth and completes your personal style, it becomes a part of you. This art of teeth decoration is becoming far more popular and goes beyond jewelry. A wide spectrum of precious gemstones, diamonds, and gold, silver creates a world of stylish combination of glittering dental accessory. It becomes an inseparable part of your style.

Grillz is a style born from Brooklyn, it rose in popularity amongst New York’s hip hop culture during the colorful 80s era and due to mainstream pop culture status hip hop attained, Grillz continued its rise to become a worldwide phenomenon during the 00s. And now, in the age of social media, Grillz maintained popularity as a reclamation of power and a fashion statement and, seems here to stay.

Act Grillz emerged in Istanbul, the all time capital of gold, silver, precious gems, diamonds and expert craftsmanship since ages. The experience never left the city and crafted miracles of jewelry for the Byzantine Kings and Ottoman Sultans. Act Grillz, integrates this exclusive craftsmanship heritage with a dental aesthetic perspective. Striving to provide exceptional quality and meticulously handcrafted work, Act Grillz offers a unique hygienic design that won’t hold bacteria. Our Grillz artist is a cosmetic dentist with cutting edge practice and involved in all processes, from custom design to final placement.

Act Grillz has expertly-curated a Grillz collection that encompasses the modern designs and cleanest signature cuts crafted in the heart of the Old City with highest quality materials, all verified by certificate. Pick your favorite Grillz style and our artist will create a custom design just for you. In just a few days, your Grillz will be ready, fitting you perfectly.

Smile for us and let us see your Grillz!

Act Grillz
1. Choose Your Grillz This is where the story starts:
You choose the Grillz that capture you the most amongst many different options, then get in touch with us. We invite you here to design your Grillz together, so that it will suit your mouth perfectly.
Act Grillz
2. Plan your trip This is where the story gets interesting:
When you come to Istanbul where your jewellery will be made, we will present you with travel packages that will make your trip unforgettable. While you wait for your Grillz, you can discover Istanbul, or countless other gorgeous destinations Turkey has to offer.
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Beyond Istanbul
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Enter your information and we will create the best holiday for you. We will custom-plan your entire itinerary from transportation and accommodation to Istanbul's most exclusive spots.

Grillzed People
Do It Better

My new Grillz and I look fabulous! Wonderful friendship, wonderful vibe. I also discovered beauties of Istanbul's best places.

IMAN ELDEEB Thank you for everything. From now on, It must be a new thing: "shining like a Grillz"  You guys are the bestest!